Ask me anything!

If you feel that we could truly create a fun loving ceremony together, then I really look forward to hearing from you so that we can have a nice relaxed chat and get to know one another. I know that you will have lots of questions so I have prepared some FQA’s that I am normally asked by my couples.



      Q. We would love to have a celebrant-led wedding, but we know it’s not a legal ceremony, how do we sort this?

      A. Most of my couples visit the registry office a few days beforehand and they have what is known as a 2×2 ceremony (you and two witnesses). Depending on where you live this can cost anything from £60.00 upwards. Midweek dates are cheaper. They then have their wedding ceremony with me and nobody knows any different.


      Q. How far do you travel?

      A. My mantra is that I have a steering wheel and I will practically travel anywhere. If the venue is over two hours away I would prefer to stay over the night before as you cannot rely on the traffic being okay on the day. For this I charge a standard fee of a B&B and .45p a mile for petrol over 50 miles


Q. Can we write our own vows?

A. Absolutely, this is a wonderful time for you both and I actually think it is so beautiful and then you can have them as a keepsake.


Q. We would like to have some friends and family to be involved in the ceremony, how can we do that?

A. This is a lovely idea and there are lots of ways that you can incorporate your friends and family. You may want them to say a reading or a poem, some friends of the couple have written words themselves. Being involved in a ritual is also wonderful. For instance, if you were having a hand-tying ceremony, you could ask family members to come up and place the ribbons or chords over your hands. In one vow renewal ceremony, the bride and groom asked their son to perform the hand-tying for them, it was very special.


Q. How much do you charge for your ceremonies?

A. I’m going to be honest, I am not the cheapest celebrant and I am also not the dearest. The thing is I believe in a fair price and when I calculate all the work that I put in, I would definitely say that I am fair. I have actually been told by some couples that I don’t charge enough. I am happy with my prices though.

For 2023/2024 my costs are:-

Weddings and Civil Partnerships – £625.00/£645.00

Vow renewals * – £325.00/£345.00

Naming ceremonies – £275.00/£295.00

Celebration of Life – £190.00/£210.00


* There have been some couples who have been married in the awful time of lockdown and they now want a wedding celebration. Just to be clear this would not count as a vow renewal.

Q. And lastly, how do we book you?

A. The best way is to complete the contact form below providing as much information as you can so that I will be able to send you all the relevant details. Firstly, I will check my availability and if I am free on your special day then I will set the process in motion. The next step is to set up a call so that we can have a chat and I will answer any questions that you may have. We then begin our wonderful journey together.



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