Make the Ceremony The Stand Out Occasion Of The Day

When wedding planning it’s easy to become carried away with all the endless choices and decisions to make. From the type of venue to colour schemes, what should we have for favours, and who should be included in the wedding party? Sometimes it can feel that the ceremony can be a little lost in the planning process. Not with a celebrant-led ceremony.

Focusing on the entire wedding day on the celebration of the couple’s love, celebrant-led ceremonies are truly special. We’ve seen many tears of joy and lots of laughter over the years that are heartfelt, sincere, and full of depth. Choosing a celebrant means getting to shape a ceremony that suits you as a couple and that ends up being one of the most memorable parts of the day

Tell Your Story

Another lovely thing about opting for a celebrant is that they are usually epic storytellers. They will work closely with the two of you to tell your love story. Each script for each ceremony is totally bespoke and unique to the couple and will be based on real conversations they have with you both as a couple. They will get to know you and your partner, and will find your interests, loves, quirks, and what makes you tick.

When they tell your story and share your past, present, and hopes and wishes for the future – your friends and family will learn things about you and get to know more about you as a couple too. It is also a wonderful way to prepare you for the deeper meaning of marriage as you get to reflect on your relationship and consider what it means to the two of you to share your life together.


Have your Ceremony When You Want

You may not have given much thought to the timing of your wedding day but if you’ve always thought about having a twilight wedding or ceremony at sunrise was your thing then having this kind of ceremony can certainly deliver. The beauty of having a celebrant-led wedding is that you can choose to say “I do” at your own ideal time to make your day extra special.

Have it Where You Want

If you have always dreamed of having your wedding in your parent’s garden or where you had your first date. No Problem. Want to get married on a beach? Sounds dreamy.

Another beauty of having a celebrant conduct your wedding is that it can take place anywhere. You can pick a spot that’s gorgeous and romantic or pick a location that is meaningful to you both. it gives you a great deal of flexibility in deciding where to get wed and also gives you greater choice when it comes to your theme and budget too.

Finding the perfect location is a great start in setting the tone of your day and ensuring your wedding is full of emotion and a day to remember.

You Choose the Traditions

Take ownership of the traditions and decide for yourself which ones mean something to you and which ones you’d rather skip. With this kind of ceremony, nothing is fixed, allowing you the flexibility to create your own traditions. You are also able to bring in different cultures and rituals that are meaningful to you. Having a celebrant means that you’ll be able to weave elements of your own heritage, history, and family throughout the day.

Friends and Family Can Take Part

There’s a ton of ways you can get your wedding guests involved in your wedding ceremony, which makes the occasion a lot more fun. From sing-alongs to candle lighting, sand blending, hand-fasting, flower ceremonies, and more. There are no rules!. As well as being a lovely moment and a great way to make your friends and family feel a part of the symbolism of the day – they also make for great photographs and perhaps will start new traditions that you’ll pass on. It’s worth saying that you can also have your pets involved if you’d like to and who doesn’t love a dog at a wedding? Celebrants can find ways to carefully and thoughtfully include your furry friends in your day. So whether you’ve got a dashing dog or a cute kitty, they can be at your wedding and in your pictures too!

I hope that I’ve given you a much better idea of what’s involved in a celebrant-led wedding!